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Astrology and horoscope Who has ever stumbled upon a television tranche, a magazine, or any other medium speaking of the horoscope? In any case, you are told things concerning the behavior of the stars to you. True or false, no one knows exactly what it is, since the predictions conveyed in these horoscopes are rather general for everyone to try to find. Indeed, the astrology from which the horoscope flows is etymologically, the "language of the stars." This name comes from the Greek, "astrom" which brings back to the star, and "logos" which means "language". This science finds its root in the perpetual interaction between the earth and the sky. He had, moreover, been given the possibility that there is no difference between heaven and earth, for there would be a sharp resemblance between everything below and what is found above. The Astral Theme Astrologers very often refer to the notion of the astral theme, which is nothing but a symbolic language that refers to the connection that exists between the image of the sky at the moment of the birth of the individual, and its unconscious. It is therefore deliberately that the famous astrologer Jung, speaking of astrology, assimilated heaven to a great writing of the soul. The astrologer is the specialist who allows you to see where the problems inherent to your existence on earth are, to genuinely apprehend them in order to better understand the effects that these problems have on you. Thanks to astrology, the individual sees the image of his unconscious renewed, and the main consequence of this state of affairs is that he will now be able to use his unfailing free will to evolve constantly in common sense. Divergence between astrology and clairvoyance Many people very often assimilate astrology to clairvoyance, but it is a totally wrong idea, astrology is a science that requires a lot of learning time, while clairvoyance is a supernatural gift that benefits certain people. Astrology makes it possible to determine the character of an individual, in order to make predictions of his destiny, through the study of astral influences which depends on the position of the important planets as well as the signs of the zodiac. It advocates an existence hitherto unproven by science, between the cosmos and man. From the historical point of view, the city of Alexandria is cited as the one in which astrology has taken flight. In all the geographical areas of the planet, this pseudoscience is practiced. Among the Chinese, the year begins on the 4th or 5th of February. In many European countries, people rely on the daily horoscope predictions, in their deployment. Statistics in France show that about 20% of the population recognize a real influence of the planets on their behavior. The benefits of astrology When you follow your horoscope, you are inclined to be more motivated to face life. This is the real added value that actually provides astrology. Men need to be encouraged in their activities, decision-making, and so on. Zodiacal predictions contribute effectively to give them that balm which pushes them to surpass sometimes. And even if very often the predictions are not realized, one is proud of having tried at least to move the lines, in search of a real happiness that would never happen by the course of chance.