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Conference Name Adapting Annie’s Project to Wyoming

Hannah Swanbom


Adapting Annie’s Project to Wyoming

The Annie’s Project educational program is a program dedicated to strengthening women´s roles in the modern agricultural enterprise. Developed in the MidWest and typically delivered in cropping regions, an Annie’s Project program is a multi-session educational program (typically six three-hour sessions) for women farmers and ranchers with content from across a range of risk management topics. Its aim is to empower women in agriculture to manage information systems for decision-making processes and to build local social and information networks.

This presentation (and associated paper) describes how the Annie’s Project implementation has been modified to delivery in the state of Wyoming in which cattle operations predominate and the population is more thinly spread than in other states. The presentation will first describe the Annie’s Project methodology and its introduction to Wyoming beginning in 2011. It will then describe the adaptations implemented by local program hosts (all from University of Wyoming Extension). Specific issues of interest will be the selection of topics, funding sources used, teaching techniques and partner organizations. Finally it will review the success of the program to date.

As in other states, women are an increasingly visible percentage of agriculturalists, now comprising 14.5 percent of Wyoming farmers and ranchers (as principal operators) managing 2.4 million acres (1,502 acres on average).

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