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Conference Name Adding Income with a Farm Vacation

Nadine Fox


The Pennsylvania Farm Vacation provides a win/win situation. It provides women on the farm the opportunity to have more income from farm vacation guests , while providing city women (and their families) the opportunity learn more about life on the farm.

Since it was founded in 1963, PFVA has provided a networking opportunity for farm women across the state. It has also gives them the opportunity to market their farm vacation to interested city slickers.

With many types of farm income at an all-time low, the opportunity to raise additional income through a farm vacation has never been more important. But it is about more than money, farm women and their families get to expand their horizons by meeting folks from all over world.

With a website on-line since 1997, an association brochure, presence at trade shows and press releases, PFVA markets the member farms in a way that they individually wouldn’t be able to do.

With semi-yearly meetings, PFVA also provides farm women the opportunity to talk with one another. Farm vacations provide a unique experience – and unique challenges, so the networking is an invaluable tool for Pennsylvania’s farm women.

PFVA is a volunteer based organization. Through volunteer hours, its members do much more marketing and networking than the association’s $5000 dues would indicate. Action steps are assigned and reviewed at each meeting to make the association more effective. The association occasionally has guest speakers to broaden members perspectives in issues as wide ranging as insurance and grant opportunities.

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