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Conference Name Affluenza and How Does It Affect My Farmers/Ranchers

Lance Brower


Affluenza has been in the news lately. What is it? Do my farmers or ranchers have it? Society has changed a lot since the 1950´s. For example the average household size in 1959 was 3.65. Today the average household size is 2.61. In the 1950’s the average home was 958 square feet and there was no such thing as a self-storage unit. Today the average home is 2300 square feet and there are over 58,000 self-storage rental facilities in the nation providing 2.35 billion square feet of storage. Do your farmers/ranchers have to have the newest and best equipment when it is not needed? Do they own a new tracked combine to do their 500 acres? This presentation will answer these questions and give ideas on how to cure the Affluenza and keep them in business longer (for the next generation).