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Conference Name Ag Risk & Farm Management Library

Jeff Reisdorfer, Curtis Mahnken, Robert Craven, Dale Nordquist, Kevin Klair, and Laurie Dickinson


The Ag Risk & Farm Management Library collects, categorizes and organizes thousands of Agriculture Risk and Farm Management documents, videos and presentations to help you find the information you need.

The Library has several major components including:

+ Documents & Videos – 2,650+ materials organized by Production, Marketing, Financial, Legal, and Human Risk topics

+ Crop & Livestock Budgets – More than 2,700 crop budgets representing over 280 crops and more than 400 livestock budgets from over 30 states

+ Collections – Collections give you access to materials focused on a specific topic or developed as a comprehensive curriculum

+ Conference Materials – A continually growing list of presentations from ag conferences

Visit us online at http://AgRisk.umn.edu

Extension Risk Management Education is the driving force behind the Ag Risk & Farm Management Library.