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Conference Name American Agri-Women Outreach Program - Farm Women Helping Farm Women Manage Risk

Christina Wilson


American Agri-Women is the national coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with 55 state and commodity affiliate organizations nationwide. We propose a session at the Women in Agriculture Educators Conference which would relate how this organization is working with agencies and universities to provide peer-to-peer educational resources for farm, ranch and agribusiness women.

Through a USDA RMA Outreach Grant, and working with Extension and land grant communications facilities, AAW has produced a weekly half-hour national television program to reach farm women throughout the country with education regarding a wide range of risk management topics. In each program, there is a segment featuring an interview with an expert on that week´s topic, followed by an interview on the farm with a farm woman who is applying what is learned on that topic. This session would describe the tools AAW is using to assist members and other farm women, including live webinars and networking through the internet.

This session would describe the television series and tools available to farm women through the series programming. Clips from the show will be featured. In addition to the television series, the content will be provided through the internet in several ways. This session would also relate other ways farm and ranch women are using to network and share information, including social media.

In addition, this session would provide information about AAW´s outreach to women in agriculture in Canada and Mexico and about a joint conference planned to be held in Canada in October 2010.