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Conference Name An Analysis of the Role of Women in Farmland Leasing in the Delta

Gregory Ibendahl


Leasing is an important method of controlling farmland throughout the U.S. While cash leasing is the predominant method of leasing, the percentage of land cash leased vs share leased varies greatly. In the Mississippi Delta, an area of similar soils and grown crops, the use of share leasing is almost non-existent in Mississippi while in Arkansas a large amount of land is share leased. A possible explanation for these leasing differences is the role of women; either from their influence on the farmer tenant side or their role as a landlord.

This poster presents the results of a Delta survey that was used to try and find out why a particular lease type is chosen. In particular, this poster will focus on the role of women in the leasing choice. Many of the questions can be examined from a gender perspective because we asked for the gender of both the tenant and the primary landlord. Thus, all the questions about risk preferences, lease type, communication, and profitability can be examined with gender as a possible factor.

Most of the anticipated results will be a summarization of the data with gender as a subcategory. In addition, regression analysis will include gender as a factor in the model to explain why a particular lease type is chosen. These results should be useful for farmers looking to manage risk as well as landlords leasing land. The more tenants and landlords understand about risk and risk preferences, the more likely they are to arrive a lease that is fair and agreeable to everyone.