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Conference Name Annie´s Project, panel discussion

Loree Morgan


Montana Grain Growers Association would be interested in participating in a panel discussion of Annie’s Project presentations.

Annie’s Project is an education program that seeks to address the challenges that women face as owners and business partners in agricultural operations, and to arm them with the tools to succeed in their operations. Montana’s large size and variety of agricultural operations creates a unique situation in providing educational opportunities to farmers and ranchers. Montana Grain Growers Association recognized the need for a program like Annie’s Project and will present the program for the first time in Montana in early 2008 to 13 locations using local facilitators at each site and interactive video conferencing. Most of the preparatory work for the program is being done at the MGGA office, including coordination of sites, lining up speakers, providing a central registration point, preparation of participants’ notebooks, hosting a facilitator training workshop and administration of budget.

Of particular interest to the Montana experience will be how each location was able to “customize” Annie’s Project to meet the unique needs of their area; how effective was the interactive video conferencing with 13 locations; and how well the central registration and administration worked.