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Conference Name AZ-HI Small Farms Cost Estimator Tool

Trent Teegerstrom, Stuart Nakamoto, Russell Tronstad, and Ursula Schuch


The Small Farms Cost Estimator tool allows an individual producer to gain a better understanding of their production costs for specific crops within a portfolio of plant types, and as a result improve space utilization, material inputs, pricing, inventory management, and the level and stability of their profits. The underlying ideas of this tool is to provide small acreage producers the ability to allocate fixed cost among crops based on amount of space used and the length of time, calculates profitability of each crop, calculate break-even values and provide the producers with a crop planner and scheduler section. This tool allows the producer to plant their crops using any combination of field, high tunnels or greenhouse production space and calculates their costs on a per square foot basis by crop or group of crops.