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Conference Name Biosecurity: Collaboration to Ensure State of Readiness

Teng Teeh Lim and Raymond E. Massey


Livestock and poultry operations are important component of food production. One of the major threats to these operations is highly infectious disease, especially when many large productions are concentrated in certain areas. A collaborative effort between University of Missouri Extension, Federal and State level agencies, and commodity groups was recently put together to improve stakeholders’ ability to prevent and respond to disease outbreak. This paper describes the effort of building a team to compile and convey a complete set of biosecurity protocols for stakeholders. There is readily available information of the latest biosecurity protocols, mass mortality disposal (including in-barn composting), regional regulations, and quarantine and eradication. However, the information might be overwhelming and not easy to convert into effective plan. The team collaborated to divide and conquer the tasks, and presented the different roles each agency fulfils. The topics included practical biosecurity, disease identification, quarantine and mass mortality management, and economics. A series of five regional workshops was conducted in Missouri. The tools included a booklet of presentation files, checklist of routine biosecurity protocols and list of important contacts, and an USB jump-drive that contained the electronic presentation files and relevant publications. Surveys were conducted during and after the workshops to evaluate the overall effectiveness and collect feedback. In terms of prevention and eradication, producers should develop and follow a robust plan to prevent and prepare for major disease outbreak. Stakeholders are encouraged to collaborate communicate effectively, and frequently reevaluate and implement the biosecurity protocols.

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