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Conference Name Bridging the Risk Management Education Gap for Native Farmers and Ranchers

Belton Moore and Jasmine Locklear


Given the unique and complex challenges that Native American farmers and ranchers face daily, risk management education is especially important in Indian Country. Philanthropy plays a key role in bridging the gap in funding for risk management education projects throughout Native communities, but opportunities continue to exist to amplify these efforts.

The Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) is the largest philanthropic organization devoted solely to serving the Native farming and ranching community. NAAF’s mission is to fund the provision of business assistance, agriculture education, technical support, and advocacy services to Native American farmers and ranchers to support and promote their continued engagement in agriculture. Since 2019, NAAF has continually aimed to bridge the gap for producers and has granted more than $45 million to educational organizations, community development financial institutions (CDFIs), 501(c)(3)s, and tribal governments.

This session will highlight the work of NAAF grantees who focus on supporting Native producers and building Indigenous agriculture. The impact of these organizations’ work demonstrates the success of existing efforts in Indian Country, as well as the need for more risk management education for Native farmers and ranchers. In the 2021 funding cycle alone, NAAF has directly impacted more 125,000 Native producers that reside in more than 140 sovereign Tribal Nations in 26 different states. The needs of Native producers are great, and this session will identify opportunities for risk management educators to reach Indian Country.