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Conference Name Building Strategic Partnerships with Women in Agriculture

Melissa Klein


This presentation will be on how to build partnerships with the women in your area to continue to help agriculture thrive in the future. Attendees will learn how to find these women and get them involved. The women I work with have been successful at implementing an agriculture promotion group in the county. They coordinate the annual June Dairy Breakfast for 3,000 people and create an interactive agriculture education tent at one of the largest county fairs in the state. This group of women began the idea of working with the technical college to create a hand on learning lab farm for students studying agriculture programs. It will also be an outreach for the community to see how a working farm operates. Currently we are in the last stages of getting the initiative completed. Not only will this sustain the educational component at the college, but also will continue to draw the interest of individuals into a related career and provide an overall understanding and appreciation of the industry. Attendees will find out the key to success and how women have a unique opportunity to connect with individuals both inside and outside of the industry.

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