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Conference Name Business Plans to Guide, Lead, and Follow

Mark Major


In the 21st Century, farm and ranch families experience a wide variety of pressures from both within and without the operation. Families have goals. Individuals also have goals. Farm families need to adapt to current situations and develop plans flexible enough to change on demand. Whether it’s a neat, organized document – or written on the back of a napkin – farm and ranch families need a plan. Women play a critical role in shaping a plan for the business to follow.

Business Plans to Lead, Guide, and Follow is designed to address how families can shape their goals, their hopes, and their dreams into a working business plan. Using the Handbook Building a Sustainable Business developed by the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, we will cover such topics as: identifying values, farm history and current situation, vision, mission, and goals, and strategic planning and evaluation.

With case histories and participant input, we focus on the specific areas that participant want to address. Does your son or daughter want to come back to the operation? Are you planning for retirement in the next 10 years? Do you want to expand? All of these questions are addressed specifically with a well put together business plan.