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Conference Name Chronic Stress and its' Impact on Farmers and Farm Families

Monica McConkey


After several years of dealing with the downturn in the agricultural sector, we are seeing the effects of significant chronic stress in our farmers, ranchers, and their families. In this session, we will review the signs of chronic stress and how to intervene in an effort to assist the producer in effective decision-making.
About the presenter: Monica Kramer McConkey has 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field as a counselor, program supervisor and administrator. Her focus throughout her career has been to increase access to, and remove the stigma often attached to mental health services. Monica grew up on a farm in northwestern Minnesota and has intimate understanding of the dynamics leading to farm stress and its impact on farm families. She currently works as a Rural Mental Health Specialist providing support to Minnesota farmers through AgCentric and the MN Department of Agriculture. Monica also travels throughout the country speaking on the impact of Emotional Stress on the Farm through her consulting business Eyes on the Horizon, LLC.

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