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Conference Name Climate and Farm Resiliency for the Next Generation

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek


The “Climate and Farm Resiliency for the Next Generation” extension outreach meeting addressed financial issues impacting operations across Nebraska and the growing interest in conservation incentive payments in 2021. This meeting series focused on developing skills to analyze financial trends, management strategies for operation transition, and evaluating legal implications for participating in ecosystem service payments. As part of the outreach during 2021, this meeting series was piloted as a hybrid online and in-person workshop in five separate locations across Nebraska with a total of 138 participants.

The educational objectives achieved by this program include: identifying and developing plans to address agricultural financial issues; approaches for effective farm or ranch transition strategies addressing changing needs; and evaluating legal requirements for participating in ecoservice payments for improving stewardship and financial resiliency. Outreach and delivery for this meeting series included in-person and online engagement lasting approximately three hours to allow for interaction between workshop attendees and instructors. The target audience for this project included beginning, retiring, transitioning, and women producers, and allied business professionals serving operations across Nebraska. The program was also electronically archived and made accessible online.

In the evaluation presented to pilot participants, (N=138, n=95), 68.8% responded to a pre- and post-workshop survey to rate their change in understanding using a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). Program topics included with ratings were: financial issues impacting landlords and tenants increased 1.35 (2.61 pre to 3.96 post), farm succession and transition issues increased 0.94 (3.09 pre to 4.03 post), and legal considerations of carbon credits increased 1.62 (1.95 pre to 3.57 post).

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