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Conference Name Creating Life Balance: Unique Challenges for Women in Agriculture

Juanita Reed-Boniface


Achieving Life Balance--balancing, work, family and community--is a challenge for all of us. but is particulatly
so for Women in Agriculture who often balance two jobs--that on the farm and that off the farm/ranch in addition to other roles. This presentation is based on a workshop that has been given for Nebraska Women in Agriculture, Regional Women in Agriculture Conference, Sioux Falls, S.D.Minnesota Agri-Women Leadership Conference and for American National CattleWomen.

Key points covered:
Balance vs. Imbalance
Personal and Societal Issues Today--women´s issues;,changes in agriculture, family impact
Common Stressors-overload, role conflict
Stress--What is it ? Discussion of stress theories of Hill,
McCubbin and Boss.
Ways to Cope--personal and relationship resources

This workshop has been highly received by all audiences, and
combines hands-on reflection, theory and practical application.

Presentor is a former extension educator and adult educator,
University of Minnesota Extension Service, currently working as a consultant in adult education.