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Conference Name Crop Budget Analyzer Spreadsheet

Ken Williams


With the increased change in market prices and the cost of crop inputs there was a need expressed by producers for a way to compare the cost of production and the potential income for various crops they produce. Many spreadsheets that are available through University Extension are extremely detailed and complicated for those with limited computer experience. According to the 2008 Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service 69 percent of farms in 2007 had computer access while only 38 percent of farms used a computer for farm business. In response to this need I developed an Excel workbook with individual spreadsheets for corn, soybeans, wheat, seeding alfalfa and established alfalfa. Each worksheet is short enough to fit on a standard 8½ x 11 page of paper. This workbook of spreadsheets has been posted on the Center for Dairy Profitability website as well as the Waushara County UW website. This spreadsheet has been widely used by Agriculture Agents, bankers, farm cooperatives, newspaper personnel and land conservation personnel from Wisconsin and as far away as Perham, MN; Indiana and the University of Arkansas.