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Conference Name Crop Insurance in Argentina: La Dulce Cooperative

William Edwards


Argentina is a major world producer of corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers, barley, flax and other grains. La Dulce Cooperativa de Seguros has been marketing crop insurance to producers in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina for 85 years. The major insurable hazards are hail, wind and fire. Replant protection is also offered. Both traditional and decreasing deductible policies are available. In addition to providing risk management to its members, La Dulce also offers a web page ( www.ladulceseguros.com.ar ), an electronic newsletter, satellite photos of members’ farms, and a cultural foundation that serves the community. I will be visiting La Dulce Cooperative during March 6-9, 2007, and would welcome the opportunity to share how crop insurance programs are designed and delivered in the Southern Hemisphere.

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