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Conference Name Dairy DRP - You must Learn it -To Teach it

J. Craig Williams


Dairy DRP - You must Learn it -To Teach it.
J. Craig Williams, jcw17@psu.edu

A group of Dairy extension educators (n-5) from Penn State Extension, Wisconsin Extension, and Michigan State Extension participated in a group team learning event about the Dairy DRP. Dairy DRP stands for the RMA program on Dairy Revenue Protection. This group of educators agreed that the educators needed to learn how the program worked and how “Decisions’ had to be made before a county agent could explain the program to the dairy farmers. This group of extension agents conducted mock trades and kept track of their DRP trades and decisions on a group excel sheet. Results and decision experiences will be explained in this presentation.

How did an educator come to making or not making a buying decision.?
What is the dairy market at that time telling me to do?
Is the milk price too high or the premiums too high?
How do I keep track of my decision and use that knowledge to make better buying decisions in the past?

These and many pother questions is what the County agents learned on how to purchase DRP protection so that they could explain and assist fellow dairy farmers in understanding the program,

In this presentation, we will cover:
1.the group learning experience that we did on the DRP program from March of 2020 to present March 2021.
2. explain the basics of the DRP program to the educator participants so you can start risk education on the DRP program.
3. we will relate meeting and presentation examples that we presented.
4. we will relate on farm discussion techniques on how we explained the DRP to a dairy farm Profit team meeting and how this helped the farmer to decide a position.
5. we will cover the positive and negative experiences of doing Dairy Risk education as programs evolve and get confused with other programs.
6. we will explain how to gather Dairy DRP policy signups for each participant’s state thru the RMA risk webpage.
J. Craig Williams, Penn State Dairy Team, DRP team Leader jcw17@psu.edu