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Conference Name Effective Budgeting, Negotiation, and Management Strategies for Agricultural Land

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek


The “Effective Budgeting, Negotiation, and Management Strategies for Agricultural Land” outreach series addressed weather-related disasters and trade disruptions occurring during 2019. This series focused on current financial issues, budgeting strategies, negotiation skills to address disaster, and management practices to ensure the profitability and viability of operations. As part of the outreach during 2019, this meeting series was piloted as a fee-based workshop in five separate locations across Nebraska with a total of 186 participants.

The educational objective achieved by this project help farms and ranches address business shocks through: planning for current financial issues in land management, effective budgeting strategies, critical negotiation skills to deal with risk, and management practices for improved decision-making and profitability. The delivery method for this series included face-to face engagement lasting three hours in length which allowed for interaction between workshop attendees and instructors. Target audience for this project included beginning producers, small farms or ranches, women producers, and allied stakeholders serving or working with agricultural operations across Nebraska. Additional lectures were made accessed online via the Farm Real Estate website for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In an evaluation presented to program participants (N=186, n=127), 68.2 percent responded to a pre- and post-workshop survey to rate change in understanding of material, using a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high). Program topics included, with rating: current financial issues-increase 1.02 (3.06 pre to 4.08 post), analyzing cost of production-increase 1.24 (2.52 pre to 3.76 post), negotiation and communication strategies-increase 1.47 (2.72 pre to 4.19 post), and lease provision to address risk-increase 1.37 (2.76 pre to 4.13 post).