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Conference Name Effective Budgeting, Negotiation, and Management Strategies for Agricultural Land

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek


The “Effective Budgeting, Negotiation, and Management Strategies for Agricultural Land” meeting series provides outreach to extension clientele focusing on the current business climate and financial issues for agricultural land management across farms and ranches. Funding in 2020 by the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center allowed this program to be delivered across five in-person and online meetings in Nebraska, with nearly 200 attendees representing diverse land holdings across the state. Additional in-person meetings will be delivered during the summer of 2021.

The program curriculum focuses on addressing critical concerns for land management: identifying and planning for current financial issues; strategies for effective budgeting; communication and negotiation skills to manage risk; and management practices to improve decision-making and the overall economic viability of agricultural operations. Participants improve their understanding of current financial issues in the Nebraska agricultural sector and better plan for these events. Effective budgeting skills address methods for improving financial positions. Furthermore, addressing critical negotiation and communication skills improves the success of dealing with uncertainty such as business or climatic shocks. Management skills taught as part of the curriculum focus on integrating workshop topics for improved decision-making to ensure the economic viability and longevity of farms and ranches across the state.

To determine the effectiveness of this outreach program, an end of meeting evaluation (n = 143) was presented to those in attendance. From these evaluations: 96.2% of participants rated the quality of the presentation as good to very good, 73.6% of participants planned to implement strategic decision making to improve their financial viability, and 58.9% indicated the desire to develop strategic plans for their land assets to better manage risk within the next six months to one year.