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Conference Name Employment Law Matters: Developing an Employment Law Handbook for Your Agricultural Employers

Peggy Kirk Hall and Chris Hogan


Abstract Submission for 2017 Extension Risk Management Education National Conference

Peggy Kirk Hall, Asst. Professor and Chris Hogan, Law Fellow
Ohio State University Extension Agricultural & Resource Law Program

Agricultural employers regularly face the challenges of complying with the complex patchwork of federal and state employment laws and navigating the risks associated with day-to-day management of employees. To assist agricultural employers in meeting these challenges and reducing employment law risks, Ohio State University Extension received a North Central Extension Risk Management Education grant to develop the Ohio Farm Employment Handbook (OFEH).

OFEH is a centralized and freely available resource that guides agricultural employers through the employment process, from planning to hire to selection and hiring, compensation, benefits and taxes, employee management, workplace safety and termination. In addition to compiling and explaining the laws and regulations that apply to each segment of the employment process, the handbook presents best management practices and compliance tools that employers can incorporate into their operations. The project team developed the handbook as an open-access website with an optional print format.

An important component of the RME grant was to make the farm employment handbook available in electronic form for adaptation by Extension programs in other states. In this session, the authors will explain the handbook development process, walk attendees through the resource, present evaluation data and discuss how attendees can obtain and adapt the handbook for use by agricultural employers in their states.

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