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Conference Name Empowering Agriculture Through Tribal Sovereignty (EATS) Academy Resource Preview

Blake Jackson and Carly Hotvedt


The EATS Academy project, led by the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative (IFAI) at the University of Arkansas, supports long-term policy and food systems development for American Indian and Alaska Native communities across the country. When fully completed, this work will empower tribal governments through establishing a digital tribal governance and Tribal producer academy with guides, policy tools, direct outreach, and trainings that promote tribal sovereignty, increase access to healthier foods, support resilient tribal food systems and sustainable economies. This project focuses on improving tribal access to and utilization of new programs and authorities in the 2018 Farm Bill designed to assist in the revitalization of Native foodways and improve food security for tribal communities across the United States. While the further development of this work remains ongoing through 2022, this session will feature a preview of the resources already created EATS academy and provide an overview of further items to be developed under this project.