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Conference Name Enterprise Budget Decision Tool for High Tunnel Production

John McMinn


In the U.S., local food systems have experienced tremendous growth and attention over the last decade. As a result of expanding local and/or regional markets across the state of Arkansas, there has been significant growth in the number of farmers markets, farm to school programs and farm to table efforts. As growers seek innovative ways to capture and grow these markets, there has been a growing interest in the use of high tunnels or “hoop houses” to assist in meeting growing demands for locally grown food. This type of season extending technology allows farmers to target early market windows or continue production year round. To assist growers in evaluating their economic viability, the University of Arkansas is developing business planning resources and tools to assist farmers with assessing these markets. The resources will aid farmers in identifying, understanding, and managing the agricultural risks. This poster details a risk management decision aid for high tunnel operations. The risk management decision aid will give a farmer a clear picture of the resources and equipment needed to produce a specific crop including the estimated costs of production and insights on revenue potential. The tool will also allow farmers to compare the relative costs and expected revenue of competing enterprises.