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Marsha Goetting


Most of the farmers and ranchers who attended Montana State University (MSU) Extension sponsored estate planning programs during 2004-2007 indicated that “Montana law and property distribution” was the most valuable of all the topics discussed. While a fact sheet that describes who receives a Montanan’s property if he/she passes away without a will was provided, participants indicated that the “visualization techniques” used in the PowerPoint presentation made the intestate succession law much more understandable. The Web site and CD that were developed utilizing family tree drawings will be demonstrated. Marketing tools (mini posters, business cards featuring Web site address, book marks listing all estate planning publications, question cards) will be shared. Results of the evaluation will also be highlighted. Over 90 percent of the Web and CD users indicated that they were able to find their family situation at the site. As a result of information gained participants indicated they took the following actions: 37 percent drafted a will for the first time; 22 percent revised a current will; 12 percent drafted or revised a holographic will (handwritten); 13percent utilized a software, book, or mail-order form to draft or revise a will; and 25 percent contacted an attorney for assistance in drafting or revising a will.

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