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Conference Name Extending a Good Program…Adopting Annie’s Project in Kentucky

Jennifer Hunter


In Extension, education programs are sometimes successful, but never get a chance to serve their full potential because they are not replicated in other areas. Extending programs beyond local or state boundaries can be problematic due to differences in needs, extension culture/structure or personal incentives of extension workers.

RME, in cooperation with Illinois and Iowa Extension services, offered an opportunity to extend "Annie´s Project" beyond its original area. Modeling Annie’s Project after successful programs in the mid-western United States has allowed the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service to benefit from their experiences and fine tune the program for our area. The success of Annie’s Project in Kentucky was dependent on buy in to the program from extension specialists, county extension agents, administrators, and most importantly the participants.

This paper documents the procedures used and provides a case study analysis of the adoption of this program in Kentucky. Data from three pilot programs are described. Demographic information about participants is compared between the original participants and participants in the new area.

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