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Conference Name Farm Transition and Estate Planning in South Carolina

Steve Richards, Adam Kantrovich, and Nathan Smith


Farm transition and estate planning programs have not been taught in South Carolina for many years. In order to revive this topic, Adam Kantrovich and Steve Richards (both with Clemson University Extension) went on a two-year road show to get producers talking about this again.

Marketing the program was enhanced by partnering with the South Carolina Farm Bureau, the Center for Heirs Property, and the Small Business Administration. Some efforts yielded better results than others.

Programs ranged from a 1-hour overview to a 7-hour comprehensive planning session. Topics covered depended on the time allotted, but a comprehensive set of materials and presentations were developed to suit almost any audience. To date, Adam and Steve have taught 18 programs and still more are being scheduled.

Both Adam and Steve have experience from working with extension in other states: Adam in Michigan (Michigan State Extension) and Steve in New York (Cornell University Extension). They will share what similarities and differences they experienced in each of the three states and what was the most successful.

Attend this session to find out what topics were covered, which topics drew the most interest (and attendance), and how to get started in your state.