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Conference Name Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience - Phase II

Natalia Jimenez and Katie Brimm


The escalating threat of wildfires in the West necessitates comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks faced by agricultural producers. Our program has supported producers in wildfire risk management, response, and recovery over the past six years. Leveraging a multifaceted strategy, our program incorporates action-research, town halls, a diverse multimedia curriculum, and an online learning network. Key milestones include the development of the Wildfire Preparedness Workbook, which has produced widespread impact across the West, benefiting not only producers but also agricultural professionals. The integration of this project within a broader action-research framework exemplifies the effective integration of research with education initiatives. We will present our approach which enables participants to partake in both live and self-paced educational activities, foster regional connections, and promote the creation of knowledge, boosting the adaptive capacity to wildfires at the farm and regional scales.