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Conference Name Financial Literacy for Farmworkers

Sheila Marshman, PhD and Maria Pippidis


This research project was funded by FRSAN-NE (Cultivemos) and executed by faculty/staff from the University of Delaware (Maria Pippidis - Extension) Cornell University-NY FarmNet, SUNY Morrisville (Sheila Marshman, PhD), The Pennsylvania State University (Maria Gorgo- Extension) and the University of Vermont. This collaborative research project aims to ensure that those who come to the US to plant and harvest our food have a sound understanding of our financial system and are not taken advantage of. Quantitative research was conducted with Spanish-speaking farmworkers, medical providers, financial professionals, and farmworker service providers.

As a result, a series of educational case studies, videos, and training were developed focusing on Keeping Your Money Safe by Using Financial Services, Accessing Health Care Services and Health Insurance Basics, Understanding Your Paycheck and Pay Stub, and Creating a Spending Plan. Trainings are currently being conducted in English and Spanish with farmworkers and farmworker service providers.

The material is available in Spanish and English and are/will be available on Farm Aid and other web pages.

Farm Worker Financial Literacy and Financial Management - YouTube Video - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI-ZR4Jwy4gJMs_FQsnnkpHD8TPjRuxl1&si=evdGm8aPzCsNYXsO