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Conference Name From Education to Application – Finding the Missing Link

Karen Cox and Doolarie Singh-Knights


Essential aspects of Risk Management Education include increasing knowledge and imparting importance. However, behavioral change, adoption, or application is typically the ideal goal of educational outreach. In order to get participants to change their behavior or adopt new strategies, it is important for educators to fully investigate any prohibitive factors which may prevent participants from putting their knowledge into action. These issues may be, but are often not, related to the subject matter.

We will demonstrate how a simple stumbling block can prevent program participants from adopting risk management strategies, even if they report understanding them and their importance. This presentation will identify simple techniques for recognizing the presence of a barrier in a participant. Furthermore, we show how identifying and addressing this issue can create behavioral change. Our example focuses on how we pinpointed that a lack of confidence in Excel skills from some WV Annie’s Project participants kept them from adopting financial risk management strategies, and how it was addressed.

Some of the reported results from the change in programming include participants sharing excitement about keeping records, sharing decisions made based on records, reporting time saved, and reporting being better prepared for their taxes. Thus, finding and removing this non-subject related barrier enabled participants to more fully apply the knowledge gained from Annie’s Project and adopt positive financial risk management strategies.