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Conference Name Fund your Annie’s Project with a Risk Management Agency Small Sessions Grant

Heidi Carter


Are you tired of asking for small amounts of money for your risk management education programs? Here is a chance to compete for $10,000. In this session you will learn specific steps of how to write a Small Sessions proposal for Annie’s Project. Heidi Carter and Tim Eggers will share their documentation so you too can get “free money from the government.”

Heidi Carter, Page County Extension Director, and Tim Eggers, Iowa State University Extension Field Agricultural Economist, will explain how they tore apart the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) Small Sessions Request for Applications, examined each section for fit to Annie’s Project, expanded Annie’s Project to capture all possible points, and built a model for future Annie’s Project applications.

The North Central Risk Management Education Center started supporting Annie’s Project with a challenge grant in 2003. At the Annie’s Project Gathering held at the 2008 National Women in Agriculture Risk Management Educators Conference in Oklahoma City, Lydia Astorga, RMA Grants and Agreements Specialist, encouraged Annie’s Project facilitators to write Small Sessions proposals for $10,000.

Carter worked with Eggers to deliver an Annie’s Project in Shenandoah, Iowa, in 2006. As they considered a 2010 Annie’s Project in Page County, Iowa, the RMA Small Sessions opportunity was more attractive than seeking local sponsorship. Carter and Eggers landed the grant, and started the tasks in the Statement of Work on October 1. By March 24 they will have completed 36 hours of Annie’s Project Basic and Level II.