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Conference Name Growing Farmers Financial and Marketing Training

Sydney Melhado, Maria Bampasidou, and Carl Motsenbocker


Growing Farmers is an extension program funded by Southern ERME to provide educational trainings for new and beginning horticulture farmers in Southeastern Louisiana. The program focuses on identification and management of marketing and financial risk and challenges faced by growers. It has a three-pillar approach: 1) offering webinars, 2) in-person workshops, and 3) mentor-mentee opportunities. In 2021, the Growing Farmers program began its training series with five public webinars, attended by 175 various beginning farmers from southern Louisiana and beyond. The webinar topics included basic finance and marketing foundations, as well as funding resources and looking beyond to new marketing ventures (Community Supported Agriculture). In this presentation we focus on programmatic efforts and assessment of the Fall webinars. In addition, we discuss lessons learned through evaluation and planning of the training series. The style of programming and the results presented from this training series will be useful for educators and extension agents of other risk management topics to host similar trainings or share resources regarding similar topics for beginning farmers.