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Conference Name Help for Entrepreneurs – eXtension Puts Assistance at Your Fingertips

Gae Broadwater


As farming and rural communities search for ways to add value to their products and local economic base, they are becoming more entrepreneurial. At the same time rural communities are getting “wired” and more women are going online to seek information, learn new things, and connect with others.

Participants in this session will learn about a 24/7 resource available from a national to answer their questions about how to start and grow a business. eXtension provides regularly updated links to:
• Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to hundreds of questions posed by people Information Briefs: Information on key topics for entrepreneurs and communities
• Research Highlights: Current articles written on a variety of entrepreneurship-related topics
• Calendar of Events: Exciting programs and activities planned across the country.
• Cool Tools: Ways to assess the readiness of individuals to become entrepreneurs
• Case Studies: People and places that are proven success stories
• State and local policies: List of states that have been instrumental in spurring the growth of entrepreneurship
• Learning Lessons: Guidance on a variety of topics for entrepreneurs (both adult and youth) and for communities that want to become “entrepreneur ready”

Additionally, this session will gather input as to what additional materials would be helpful and how eXtension can more effectively include women farmers in the site’s development.

Materials are designed for Extension Specialists and Agents involved in community and economic development, as well as city and county officials, economic developers, educators, and workforce development professionals.