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Conference Name Helping Producers Reduce Risk by Building Labor Management Know-How

Beth Holtzman and Mary Peabody


Join this fast-paced session to learn about the Ag Labor Dashboard and its growing suite of tools and resources that you can incorporate into your programming to help producers manage production, financial, human and legal risks associated with being a farm employer. The Ag Labor Dashboard is part of two multi-state, USDA-AFRI funded research and extension projects working to help farmers improve labor management on small and mid-sized produce farms. Project partners include the University of Vermont Extension, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, Ohio State University, and North Carolina A&T.

After a short summary of the findings from research thus far, we'll take you on a quick tour of the dashboard and its four interactive tools -- the "Are You Ready to Hire? Self Assessment," the "Job Description Generator," the "Employee Cost Estimator," and the "Employee Policy Manual Generator." All four tools were designed to help farmers address labor management challenges that contribute to financial, production and legal risks. You'll learn how farmers can use the dashboard tools to identify priority risk management concerns for their particular operation, and how it can point them to specific resources -- many of which are at the Ag Risk and Farm Management Library -- that can address their needs. We'll end the session with time for questions and an open discussion about ways participants can envision using Dashboard in their programs.