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Conference Name Helping Women Address Farm Transfer

Kathyrn Ruhf


More than half the farm operators in the United Sates are over 55. In the next 20 years, 70% of U.S. farmland will change hands, and women could end up owning more than half of those acres. Women play a critical role in how viable the family farm business remains through farm succession and transfer and into the future. Whether they are sole decision-makers, farm partners, or one of several farm heirs, women’s values, judgments and opinions have the potential to shape the future of farm businesses--and the future of U.S. agriculture.

Women have strengths and sensitivities that can and should be brought to bear in the farm transfer process. Yet all too often, they do not participate in plans to transfer the farm as actively as they should or would like. Farm women need information and other resources to confidently participate in and help their families make informed decisions. And, service providers need to better understand women’s unique challenges and learning preferences.

This workshop will focus on farm transfer issues and processes and help women become more informed and empowered. Based on a successful New England project funded by USDA, this workshop will guide service providers to help build the capacity of women to make informed and effective decisions regarding farm succession, transfer and tenure.

The workshop will present an overview of farm succession and transfer. The presenter has over 20 years experience with farm entry and succession. She will share resources, case studies, worksheets and other training materials.

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