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Conference Name How to get $4 Corn

Edward Usset


In 2019, were you impressed by the early summer rally in corn prices? Upper Midwest corn producers had a chance to sell cash corn for $4/bushel. Price charts indicate this was their first chance at $4 corn since 2014. But was it really their first chance?
You might be surprised to learn that every producer in the Northern Plains had a chance to get $4 cash corn in each of the last five years – years when harvest prices ranged from $2.80-$3.50 per bushel. How? By taking the long-view in marketing with a plan that combines pre and post-harvest marketing efforts.
Supported by a grant from the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center, “How to get $4 Corn” is now a 3-hour workshop with a simulation game where producers explore three steps towards getting $4 – or more – for their corn.
1. Price grain before harvest
2. At harvest, store grain and roll the hedge forward to spring
3. With a better spring basis, price and deliver grain
This is grain marketing from start to finish.

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