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Conference Name How to make a successful Risk Management Education Grant application

Dave Goeller


How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application

At a time when most educational budgets are stretched to the breaking point we find the need for risk management education has never been more important for producers. Agricultural producers of all types have seen rapid fluctuations in both the market prices they receive for their commodities as well as the costs they pay for the inputs needed for production. Farmers and ranchers also continue to experience problems from weather risks, financial risks, legal and human risks as well. Many have said the rules for managing the risks of today’s farm and ranch have changed. The current economic climate has dramatically increased risk and volatility. Tools and risk management strategies from the past may not be adequate to mitigate the risks associated with today’s rapidly changing environment.
This section will address how the North Central Risk Management Education Center provides funding for delivery and development of educational materials to help producers better manage their increased risks. Emphasizing verifiable producer results, we will discuss how to make an application as well as address the evaluation criteria and the process used by our advisory counsel to select successful grant applicants. In addition we will briefly preview the Ag Risk Library highlighting successful past and current projects from the North Central Region and throughout the nation.