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Conference Name How to Manage to Reduce Human and Legal Risk

Theresa Kiehn


The regulatory climate and litigious environment that exists in the area of employment law has been the catalyst for the amplified demand for human resources training in the agricultural industry. Growers are recognizing employees with supervisory roles can be a business liability if not properly trained in human resource fundamentals and invaluable professional skills. As a result, AgSafe has developed the California Agricultural Human Resources Certificate.

During this session, participants will learn how AgSafe tackled the build-out of the program and the successes the certificate program has experienced since its inception. Participants will explore the elements of the 16 hour program designed to train employees in the agricultural industry. The program's target audience are supervisors and managers providing them with human resource fundamentals and best practices. The certificate program addresses several aspects of legal risk in the agricultural employment and human risk, specifically:
*Employee management and communication
*Health, stress and well being
*Labor supply, recruitment and retention