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Conference Name How to Market in a Digital Era: 2022 Florida Agricultural Marketing Manual

Trent Blare


Small scale growers in Florida have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the proliferation of niche and specialty markets with their price premiums. These growers are focused on quality and diversity and their small scale makes them nimbler to meet a particular buyer’s requirements. Florida growers produce highly sought-after agricultural products. Additionally, the state has a rapidly growing population and large tourism sector that is creating a growing local demand for locally produced agricultural products. Florida growers need to continually inform these new customers of the great products and services that the Florida agricultural industry has to offer. Marketing strategies are even more critical in the Florida agricultural industry with its multitude of products destined for disparate and highly specialized markets.
To support small scale Floridan agricultural enterprises reach these customers, we wrote a manual that removes the mystery in navigating different marketing channels. In the poster, we will describe how this resource provides a general guide to emerging agricultural businesses on how to utilize marketing and how it provides an overview of the different distribution channels and resources that are helpful in this process. The manual provides guidance in creating a marketing plan and implementing the marketing strategies, particularly in utilizing digital marketing including making internet sales and using social media. Additionally, the manual provides advice on how to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing program in reaching the targeted customers, conducting basic market research, and how to make needed adjusts to the plan.