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Conference Name In Her Boots: Reaching out to Women in Sustainable Agriculture

Lisa Kivirist


The number of women farmers in sustainable agriculture continues to grow, further supported by increasing consumer demand for local and organic foods. With smaller farms prioritizing community-based agriculture and conservation, these women see their operations as more than businesses: their farms are educational tools for connecting families to food sources. Who are these women and how can risk management programs better reach this group, particularly young and beginning farmers? What are their unique challenges and needs? This session provides a synthesis of this inspiring movement and agricultural trend with tools and resources to reach this growing segment.

Topics covered include:
• National trends and overview of the growth of women in sustainable agriculture
• Profiles of women in sustainable agriculture, including where they go for information
• Issues and opportunities facing young and beginning farmers
• Elements of successful outreach programs targeting this group
• Success stories of organic and sustainable women farmers managing risk through business diversification

A team of seasoned women farmers and sustainability educators will facilitate this session: Lisa Kivirist directs the women farmer training program for the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) and runs Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B in Wisconsin. Jan Joannides is the Executive Director of Renewing the Countryside and a Senior Fellow with the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture. Beth Osmund runs Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm with her family, the first meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) serving Chicago.

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