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Conference Name Let´s Talk About Who Gets the Farm Before It´s Too Late

Suzann Knight


Estate planning is a difficult topic to discuss within families and particularly hard for farm families due to the eventual transfer of the farm. Learn how to start the discussion in a family and how to keep it going so that estate planning and farm succession planning can become a reality. Farm families gain value by learning from their own as well as professionals. Watch New Hampshire farm families talk about the process that each of their families took. The farm families share the goals they wanted to achieve, the process taken from family discussions to legal documentation, the outside resources they used and how they overcame their biggest hurdle during the planning. The stories of 3 farm families are divided into multiple 6 minute segments for viewing on the web or use in a workshop. These stories can be used as discussion starters with farm families on their own or with a professional either during a workshop or during follow-up with the family.