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Conference Name Local Food Resource Mapping Tools

Ronald Rainey, Courtney Long, Rich Knipe, and Dar Knipe


Local Food Resource Mapping (LFRM) program explores the development of a mapping curriculum and technology tools to enhance understanding and decision making in local food systems. This poster highlights mapping benefits for local economic development, business feasibility, circulation patterns, food access, or new market potential. This poster highlights three project objectives:

A beta mapping tool developed by the National Food MarketMaker IT that can be utilized as for both mapping and accessing local foods in partner states.
“Mapping snap shots” as a useful tool for policy makers, decision makers, farmer entrepreneurs and USDA - Rural Development VAPG grant applicants.
Mapping 101 curriculum developed through the Iowa State University Community Food Systems program. This curriculum bridges data, mapping, and narratives to assess and showcase food system elements as they relate to communities as a decision making tool.

The overall goal of the LFRM project is to improve local leaders and food entrepreneurs understanding of the structure of local/regional food systems by transparently highlighting market participants, infrastructure and market channels through mapping.

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