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Conference Name Louisville Kentucky's High Tunnel Initiative

Kurt Mason


The capacity to produce fresh fruits and vegetables exists on many landscapes. Within the urban environment, there are opportunities to assist a growing number of producers to connect with their communities and neighborhoods by offering a variety of locally grown produce. Within many communities, there is a disconnect not only in the affordability of fresh foods, but also in the access to healthy choices. The USDA/NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program’s High Tunnel Initiative offers a unique opportunity in helping to support sustainable food systems in cities.
In Louisville, Kentucky, high tunnels, partially funded through the NRCS EQIP Program are being constructed on vacant lots, in backyards and urban farms in areas where the food choices are generally fast, low-quality processed food or something from the corner convenience store.
Find out how Kentucky’s Urban Conservationist has been working in Louisville’s West End and other underserved communities to help non-traditional farmers and community leaders address food insecurity issues as well as other natural resource concerns. Community outreach, the development of partnerships, and connecting people with resources are keys to finding success. In its third year, the program is in route to having more than 50 Urban High Tunnels on the ground in the city.

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