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Conference Name Managing Agricultural Land in 2020 and Beyond

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek


The “Managing Agricultural Land in 2020 and Beyond” outreach series was developed based on interactions with extension clientele needing to address the current economic and financial risk management issues associated with management of agricultural land and related assets across farms and ranches. During 2018 this outreach meeting series was piloted as a fee-based workshop in four separate locations across Nebraska with a total of 82 participants.

The purpose of this program addressed the risk management issues associated with addressing agricultural land management including: financial and legal considerations for land leases; effective negotiation skills with landlords, tenants, and agricultural input providers; successful approaches for farm and ranch succession and transfer; and critical short and long-term decision-making and planning. The delivery method for this series included face-to face engagement lasting three hours in length allowing for interaction between workshop attendees and instructors. The target audience for this project included being producers, small farms or ranches, women producers, and allied stakeholders across Nebraska. Additional recorded lectures were made available via the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Farm Real Estate website.

A survey was presented to workshop participants (N=82), from those 45 (54.9 percent) responded which 90.6 percent stated they learned “some” to “much” about improving leases with current financial and legal considerations, 85.9 percent of respondents would use improved negotiation skills in land management, 68.1 percent of respondents would enhance farm succession plans, and 72.7 percent intended to adopt better practices for strategic decision making.

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