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Conference Name Managing Agricultural Land in the 21st Century

Jim Jansen and Allan Vyhnalek


The “Managing Agricultural Land in the 21st Century” meeting series provides outreach to extension clientele involved in land management including beginning producers, small farms or ranches, women producers, and allied business stakeholders across Nebraska. Funding in 2018 by the North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center allowed this program to be delivered across 10 meeting sites in Nebraska with over 300 people in attendance representing diverse land holdings across the state.

The program curriculum focuses on addressing the risk management issues associated with agricultural land and improvements on farm and ranch operations. Specifically, learning outcomes achievable include addressing land resource management issues including: equitable rental rates and lease provisions; effective communication for landlords, tenants, and family members; strategies for successful farmland succession and transfer; and critical agronomic skills to improve the conservation and productivity of owned or leased farm and ranchland. The agronomic skills discussion focuses on conservation practices involving crops and livestock to improve the long-run viability, profitability, and solvency of the property for landlords and tenants.

To determine the effectiveness of this outreach program, an end of meeting evaluation (n = 221) was presented to those in attendance. From these evaluations: 92.7 percent of participants rated the quality of the presentation as good to very good, 86.6 percent of participants indicated a desire to better manage and analyze risk to make more sound financial decisions with their agricultural land and their operation within the next 6 months to a year.

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