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Conference Name Maximize Your Efforts: Tools to Effectively Promote Your Woman in Ag Program

Brandy Brabham


Many extension educators’ plan and design exceptional educational programs, but their purpose is defeated if learners do not know about the opportunity or if they do not attend. While educators’ main objective is to teach new skills and potentially change behaviors, this goal cannot be realized without accomplishing a promotional goal conveying the value of an educational opportunity to local audiences, financial sponsors, and political leaders. This is especially true for women audiences that often struggle to balance work, family, farm, and community commitments and may have little time for opportunities to build skills through extension, civic organizations, or other local activities.
This poster presentation will display the results of a survey conducted with women in agriculture program organizers from across the country. It will provide examples of the most effective promotional materials, costs associated with providing them, and resources utilized to produce the materials. Examples include bookmarks, brochures, flyers, websites, social media, press releases, testimonials, and news articles. The survey summary and promotional materials will be shared to help educators consider effective promotional strategies their own women in agriculture educational program.