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Conference Name Mississippi Women in Agriculture - Annie´s Project

Sonia Hancock


The objective of the project was to increase the knowledge and skills of farm women in aspects of business management, including risk management. This was accomplished through three three-day regional workshops, one one-day informational meeting, four monthly videoconferences, and streaming videos.

Seminar topics: business plans, estate planning, financial record-keeping, human resources, marketing, risk management, business management, technology security. Lecture speakers, representing Mississippi State University Extension Service, state agencies, commodity organizations, and private industry, were selected for their respected expertise. Lecture and reference materials composed the manual received by each participant.

Seminars were limited to assure individual involvement and attention. Comments from participants included: “I think this is the best decision I ever made,” “plan a day of additional training on that topic,” and “my husband needs to attend this seminar.” Representation was from one acre organic entities to 1000+ acre multi-commodity enterprises.

Monthly video conferences (4) were available at each of the 82 county Extension offices with on-site facilitators and reference materials. Topics were selected by seminar participants and addressed by subject matter specialists.

Streaming video from the seminar presentations and video conferences are accessible from the program website. This allows workshop participants and others to view and reinforce concepts taught. The program website also provides a calendar of events and reference links.

Participants were challenged to commit to developing a strategic financial risk management plan. Selected workshop participants will provide input on needs of potential participants and future training as requested by 90% of participants on the seminar evaluation.