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Conference Name MN Women in Ag Network – A New Approach to Programming

Betty Berning and Pauline Van Nurden


In 2016, University of Minnesota Extension Educators developed a statewide Women in Agriculture Network (WAGN). This was in response to the growing number of women involved in farms and survey results indicating that women farmers needed and wanted in-depth risk management training.

WAGN is unique because there are no other programs available in Minnesota that provide high-level business education to women farmers. WAGN offers deep-dives into current risk management and business topics. In order for women to be successful in their business endeavors, it is imperative that they have the skills to make confident and sound strategic business decisions. WAGN provides these skills. Evaluation data has been positive thus far; participants share they are increasing their knowledge in these topics areas and implementing changes on their operations.

In addition, WAGN is unique in that feedback from participants drives the topics. Survey and evaluation results provide the ideas for future programs. Programming is offered year-round via an annual conference and quarterly workshops on specific topics. Programs to date have included Farm Transfer and Estate Planning, Farm Financial Management, and Labor Management.

In this session, WAGN’s leaders will talk about the program’s inaugural year and their approach to risk management education. Participants will hear the “top 10” learnings on starting a program and providing education to women in agriculture. From marketing to timing to community support, learn how to successfully start and manage an executive business program for women!

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