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Conference Name Networking with Farm Women

Sandy Stuttgen


A network was established in response to farm women stating their willingness to attend peer group sessions allowing them to more efficiently sustain their farm business. UW-Extension Taylor and Clark Counties partnered with the Taylor/Price County Farm Service Agency to foster The North Central Farmwomen’s Network (NCFN). Funding for NCFN was obtained from a WI SARE Mini-Grant and by collaborating partners: USDA/FSA, Medford Co-op, Taylor County Dairy Promotional Committee (WI Milk Marketing Board), Taylor County Farm Bureau, Farm Credit Services of Medford and WI Farmers Union.

NCFN met six times in 2011, in locations accessible from northern Clark, western Marathon, Taylor, and southern Price Counties. Twenty-four women participated, representing 57 independent contacts with the Taylor County Agriculture Educator.

Attendees’ ages ranged from 30-70+ including married, widowed, divorced and single women. 62% have been farming 20+ years, 15% farming less than five or between 10-20 years, 8% farming 5-10 years.

Written responses to “After attending the women’s network sessions, I will recommend other farm women to participate because ______” included:

"It is helpful to meet and talk to other women who struggle with the same or similar issues. Socially, many farm women feel isolated and this can reduce or eliminate that."

"I attend the Farm Women’s Network meetings because I need a place to associate with other women who share the challenges of working in a traditionally male industry."

"Balancing farm, family, finances, community and home-keeping; we face unique situations that are not often addressed through conventional women’s groups."

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