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Conference Name Nutrient Management Individual Certification Training

Lynette Gelsinger


Nutrient Management Individual Certification Training is being provided to all interested farmers. Even though the need for a nutrient management plan (NMP) is not new, the values of educating women involved with or managing the farm on a daily basis have not been addressed.

A primary goal of this program is to have females certified as plan writers. They will then be able to write a NMP for their farm and update it as needed. The training and technical assistance provided will make it possible agricultural operations to be in compliance with nutrient management regulations.

There are major benefits to having women, involved in farming operations, write the NMP. For example, the information included in the plan complements the book keeping that most women already maintain. The financial benefit is impossible to estimate since even the simplest plans cost a minimum of $1,000, when written by a private consultant. Too often this expensive packet of paper is then thrown in a filing cabinet and record keeping components are never completed. This is due to the fact that the farmer does not understand the plan, recognize the benefits it provides, and is not educated about the record keeping requirements. All of these issues are eliminated if the woman of the farm understands and helps to implement the plan. Another positive result is improved communication since new discussions will develop among families and/or coworkers about the successes achieved and obstacles overcome on the farm.